The Emperor System

Emperor Exterior Cleaner

2. Primer

Any bare or unpainted masonry surfaces must be primed prior to painting in order to ensure the paint can adhere to the surface and that the porous surface does not absorb the first coat of paint. Unlike standard primers, Emperor Masonry Primer contains the same super hydrophobic and highly breathable technology as our paint, ensuring optimum performance.

Suitable for: Any bare, unpainted walls before applying Emperor Masonry Paint. You do not need to apply primer before applying Emperor Masonry Creme.

Required: When applying Emperor Masonry Paint to bare, unpainted masonry and render. Not required on previously painted surfaces or on pre-coloured renders.

Emperor Textured Basecoat

4. Paint or Creme

Emperor Masonry Paint is a cutting-edge, silicone-based masonry paint that contains our pioneering nano-technology. This nano-technology creates a super hydrophobic surface that causes rainwater to form beads that simply roll off your walls, leaving your home dry and protected from the damaging effects of the weather. It also provides high breathability, allowing air and water vapour to easily escape. When used as part of the Emperor System, Emperor Masonry Paint comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring its performance for decades to come.

Suitable for: Use on brick, stone, render, previously painted exterior walls and more.

Emperor Masonry Creme is a clear treatment that provides invisible protection to natural brick, stone and other masonry surfaces. It contains our pioneering nano-technology that is super hydrophobic and highly breathability, but in contrast to our masonry paint it does not alter the appearance of masonry in any way. Emperor Masonry Creme also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Suitable for: Use on bare, unpainted brick, stone, render and more.

The Emperor System Breakdown

Each element of the Emperor System has been designed to assist either Emperor Masonry Paint or Emperor Masonry Creme to withstand anything that is thrown at them. If you are unsure which parts of the Emperor System you require, use the table below. Alternatively, feel free to contact our team of experts who are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

ProductSuitable forApplicationNo. of coatsRequired
Emperor Exterior CleanerBare and previously painted surfacesPreparation1Yes (when organic growth is present)
Emperor Masonry PrimerBare, unpainted surfacesPreparation1Yes (when applying Emperor Masonry Paint to bare surfaces)
Emperor Textured BasecoatBare and previously painted surfacesPreparation1No
Emperor Masonry PaintBare and previously painted surfacesTopcoat2N/A
Emperor Masonry CremeBare, unpainted surfacesTopcoat1N/A

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