Colour Inspiration

Colour Inspiration


Finding the perfect shade for a decorating project can be difficult, especially when it comes to painting exterior walls. To help, we have put together a guide to the 18 exterior paint colours we offer here at Emperor Paint, so you can find the right shade to transform your home.


TIP: Colours will look brighter in direct sunlight, so bear this in mind when selecting the right exterior colour for you.




White masonry paint


A classic choice for exterior walls, white is a shade that can suit any property. A problem that can put many off having white exterior walls is their tendency to discolour and become dirty quite easily. With our self-cleaning formulation, you do not have to worry about this. Your walls will stay looking pristine white for years to come, without constant maintenance. Our white is a bright white, meaning it is perfect if you want a beautifully impactful look to your home.






Off-white masonry colour


If a bright white shade isn’t for you, why not opt for our off-white shade? Off-white is a muted white with a slight yellowish tone, making it perfect if you are looking for a slightly more subtle white finish on your exterior walls.






Warm white masonry colour


NEW A warm but subtle white that is equally at home on traditional or modern properties. With no one discernible undertone, Warm White is perfect for anyone looking to breathe a new life into an outdoor space while keeping it simple.


Warm white  




Witney Cream Masonry Colour


A classic exterior shade, Witney Cream creates a timeless look that works well on any property. Witney Cream has warm undertones while still maintaining a neutral look on exterior walls.


TIP: Cream shades evoke a sense of history, which is why we highly recommend them if you are painting a heritage or listed building.


Witney cream




Smokey White Masonry Colour


NEW A cool, subtle off-white with a hint of grey, Smokey White is a brings a unique juxtaposition of neutrality and complexity. It is without doubt one of our personal favourites.


Emperor Paint Smokey White




Heritage White Masonry Colour


NEW Heritage White is an off-white with grey undertones but a slightly warmer hue than Smokey White. This warmth makes it a perfect option if you want a grey toned shade without any blue undertones.


Heritage White




Chalky Grey masonry colour


NEW Neither too warm nor too cool. Chalky Grey is a hugely versatile light grey with less pigment than our other grey tones, however it still packs a punch with heaps of character.


Chalky Grey




Light Grey masonry colour


Grey shades have become hugely popular with exterior decorating in recent years. Our Light Grey is a calm, modern colour that has a subtle hue. This makes it the ideal neutral tone to add other design elements to the property, in the form of darker grey exterior trim or even a colourfully painted front door.


Light Grey




Pale Stone Masonry Colour


NEW Pale Stone is a beautiful soft neutral with a tiny hint of warm beige. This makes it our lightest earthy shade, creating a real sense of calm and comfort that is both modern and classic.


Pale Stone




Magnolia Masonry Colour


NEW The iconic off-white shade. Magnolia is a light and soft cream with blush undertones, making it a hugely popular colour for those looking for an alternative to white.


Emperor Paint Magnolia




Beige masonry colour


Monochrome colours aren’t for everyone. Beige is a popular exterior colour for those looking for a neutral tone that also brings a bit more warmth with it. Beige can look extremely sophisticated, particularly when accented with hits of black.


Beige masonry




Mushroom masonry colour


Mushroom is a soft beige shade that is ideal if you are looking for a slightly muted earthy tone. Often compared to a stone shade, Mushroom is a very popular colour, especially for rural & traditional properties.


Mushroom painted masonry




Earth stone masonry paint colour


Earth Stone is a stony neutral that brings a real depth of colour. When used on exterior walls it is the perfect colour for a rich but natural look that still brings elements in from the outdoor environment.


Earth stone project




Brown sugar masonry paint


This soft and tonal colour choice works extremely well with other neutral tones to create a peaceful and serene feel to your home. The brown, earthy tones work perfectly with a cream or white exterior trim that cuts through the shade. This is our most rich neutral tone that we absolutely love.


Brown Sugar




Rose pink masonry paint colour


Who said you had to use a neutral shade on exterior walls? Pale pink shades like our Rose Pink are fast becoming a favourite amongst homeowners for its ability to bring a huge amount of character and personality to an outdoor space. Whether you want a full exterior transformation or you want to bring some colour to a garden wall, a pale pink shade can work brilliantly. Bright, inviting & unique, Rose Pink is your ticket to creating a house like no other on your street.


TIP: Pink and green is one of the most popular interior colour combinations at the moment. Why not recreate this in an outdoor setting by using tall climbing plants along the pink exterior wall?


Rose pink masonry colour




Crystal Blue masonry colour


Blue shades are rarely thought of however they can add huge amount of uniqueness and kerb appeal to your property. Crystal Blue is a light blue that evokes the sea & sky, creating a calm and tranquil feel to outdoor spaces. This was one of the most requested shades to be added to the Emperor Masonry Paint colour range, with many homeowners hunting for a shade that will bring a bright & friendly look to their home’s exterior.


Blue house exterior




Green Mist masonry paint colour


Green Mist blends exceptionally well with natural, woodsy settings on rural properties or when used in gardens. Evoking nature, growth & regeneration, the pale green tones of Green Mist are equally as subtle as they are bold.


Green mist masonry colour



Peach Shine masonry paint colour


We wanted to add a shade to our colour palette that brought both a beautiful pastel hue while also offering a neutral tone that could create the perfect backdrop for accent colours. Peach Shine was the colour we developed, incorporating an orange warmth with a slight blush tone. If you want a pastel without going as far as a pink, blue or green shade, Peach Shine may be the exterior paint colour for you.


Peach shine masonry colour

Find the perfect colour for you

Colours can appear different due to variances in computer screens & the light they are exposed to. The best way to get an accurate representation of a colour before you buy it is to order your sample to see the colour in person. Order your sample & find that perfect colour that will transform your home.